Healthy Eating

- Eating healthy is easy

- Back to basics

- Good foods vs bad foods

- Eat local

- Eating vegetables

- Protein myth or fact

- Pocket full of sunshine

Healthy Snack

- Say cheese

- Coconut water vs juice

- Diet cheats

Stuffing yourself till you can no longer move=not easy

Having to take antacids because you ate too much=not easy

Staying up at night because of acid reflux=not easy

Suffering excruciatingly painful hunger-induced migraine headaches because you forgot to eat a mid-meal=not easy

Dealing with acidic bouts because you starved all day=not easy

Hair-loss, sagging skin and lowered immunity because you're on a calorie restrictive diet=not easy


On the contrary, eating wholesome, nutritious food at regular intervals IS in fact quite easy after you've managed to get a hang of it. Here's what a client has to say:

I'm in love with the process, I'm finding it it because it's easy or am I getting better at it? Eating healthy is no more a challenge to me. Thanks for making the process easy :)"


Oh, you are so welcome ;)