Mission: To reach out to billions across the globe and proximally assist them in their journey toward securing and sustaining good health. We do this via guidance and motivational counseling coupled with pragmatic meal and exercise recommendations

Meet Tehzeeb

Having spent four years studying Clinical Nutrition and Food Studies from New York University (NYU) and simultaneously working and interning at the NYU Langone Medical Centre in NYC, Tehzeeb moved to the financial capital of India, Mumbai a few years ago. A young, dynamic entrepreneur, with ample clinical and research experience under her belt, Tehzeeb has set her eyes onto the booming health industry of India. To brace up for this diverse, demanding industry, she pursued a 6-month stint with an iconic private-practice Nutritionist in Mumbai itself.

Post the internship, she chose to take the unbeaten path of paving her own way by setting up a unique practice of her own. She titled it Scale Beyond Scale (SBS) wherein evidently enough, she helps her clients look beyond the weighing scale. The practice works on a three pronged approach-permanent and sustainable resolution of each clients' unique issues with his/her food, body-weight and body-image.

Scale Beyond Scale is slightly is almost five years old! However, as she teaches clients, Tehzeeb too has already set her sight well beyond the scale (pun intended). A true blue health and fitness aficionado and self-proclaimed nutrition nerd, other than personalized counseling, she conducts group counseling sessions, runs a YouTube channel for SBS, writes articles for health magazines, features in newspapers, radio and TV.

When not working, speaking, writing or studying the latest health trends, she does yoga, studies and speaks fluent French, rants about the benefits of awakening at 5:00 am and partakes in simple home cooking experiments. Petite, pretty, poised and wildly passionate, New York trained Tehzeeb comes as a new-age breath of fresh air in our otherwise un-stimulating health scene.