October 9, 2015

by Tehzeeb Lalani

In: Healthy eating


And as is tradition every month, we once again have here a heart touching client share. Reaffirmations are amazing and it most certainly lit up our day!


"I used to fuss over my weight on the scale forever and no matter what I did, it only went up or stayed stuck in place. That was then! Today-I don't care what the scale has to say to me!! I look Beyond it!! So I Scale Beyond the weighing Scale, haha! You girls taught me how to!

I sincerely want to thank Tehzeeb and Manal for helping me think about my body and its needs in a positive light. Forget fitting into old clothes or shedding pounds- what I've learnt is how to love myself, how to stay away from hurting my own self, eating healthy and making life more fun rather.

Working with you has been quiet knowledgable and helpful. Your take on food and healthy living and body requirements are logical and genuine and so there is no need for any kind of gimmick to make it convincing, which makes committing to you only easier and fun! I am aware more than ever before not only about eating right, but also about how to maintain the nutritional value of food.

I fit into my clothes better - I feel happier -less guilty- I can make the right choices - I feel more confident. I'm glad I made the decision of asking you for help- and I regret that I didn't do it much, much sooner. And exercise-man it was an unspoken word! I thought I was never doing it- hats off to you. You actually got me started and I love the whole thing!

Thank you for the life changing experience - I'm assured you girls will go places and make it REAL BIG!

Much love and appreciation,


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