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I have tried many diet programs in the past but haven't benefited from any. How will your program be different from them?

Oh dear. Our goal is to get you off the dieting cycle for good! The program will be sustainable enough for us to make that happen for you. This is one way in which it will differ from other programs. Other ways-no starvation, limitation, restriction or saying/thinking/believing that you're on 'a diet.' Despite this, what may seem miraculous and magical to you; you will get healthier, fitter, leaner, more toned and attain an awesome health and fitness status in general.

How soon will I see the results?

The results completely depend on your efforts and how thoroughly you follow the meal plans and exercise guidelines given to you. Results can also be broken down into 2 categories-tangible and intangible. Intangible results (improved energy levels, increased productivity, better immunity etc.) could be experienced in as less as a week.

Unfortunately, a timeline for tangible results cannot be given because this can vary on a case-by-case basis (see how honest we are!). But yes, it is safe to expect intangible results initially leading to tangible results eventually and a glorious lifestyle with great health and fitness levels in the end!

What do I do after the program is over? How will I continue?

You will have learned strategies you can incorporate for the rest of your life. You will become more independent with respect to your decision making abilities. The goal is to equip you with enough skills and resources such that you're able to carry forth without us in the long run.

I travel a lot. How would that be accommodated?

Whether it's a work related travel or a vacation, travel meal plan skeletons, travel strategies and guidelines (for both meal and exercise) will be provided to you. Our philosophy  is that you will be traveling for different purposes all through your life. Thus, this shouldn't serve as some pathetic excuse to eat poorly and further damage your health.

I work in different shifts, so will the meal plan accommodate that?

Yes, we will carve our various time and meal options based on your work shifts, weekdays, exercise days, weekends etc.

Is this program only for wealthy people? Does it require for me to buy expensive products and prepare elaborate meals which require a chef and/or a maid?

No. You don't have to come from a specific social class to be healthy. You can follow the program and learn how to get healthier and fitter irrespective of your work schedule, travel schedule, domestic situation etc.

How much weight loss can you guarantee me?

We don't operate on a weight-loss centric approach. Yes, you will mobilize fat stores but this will be a by-product of healthy eating combined with consistent workouts.

Would you be providing me with any materials during the course?

Yes. We will be giving you some reading materials along with some write-up information about the program in the beginning and on the termination of the program. A few documents pertaining to exercise and specific issues will also be given out as and when required during the length of the program.

Do you recommend any medications, tablets, drinks or powders with the meal plan?

We don't have a set template that we give out to everyone. However, depending on your present conditions and current lifestyle, we may prescribe nutritional supplements that need to be included along with your meal plan

How will I be able to measure my progress?

During the course of the program, you will be given specific parameters to assess your progress

Will exercise advice also be included in the package?

Yes. We will help you select a form of workout best suited for your temperament and your requirements. This will depend on your work schedule, fitness levels, previous exercise experience and any underlying ailments or injuries. You will be provided with a training plan, a workout tracker where you can track your progress and pre and post-workout meal recommendations.

Will I be able to loose weight even with PCOD and Thyroid?

Absolutely. These are hormonal issues which we would rectify via correct eating amongst other things.

How is the phone and video consultation different from in-person counseling? How will it work? Will the quality differ if I opt for online/phone counseling and can't come down to office?

They are both exactly the same. We connect once a week in person or on phone/video call and stay in touch on email daily for the length of your program.

No, the quality of the program will be the same for phone/video call as it is for a face-to-face meeting. However, at your scheduled call, from your end, please do ensure that you're alert, attentive, not distracted and not logged into Facebook while chatting with us ;)

Why are the personalized packages priced so high?

The kind of counseling services we offer are not only top of the line, but also extremely pragmatic and personalized. Because we want to offer such high quality service, we can only take on a handful of new clients each month. Instead of catering to volumes at a nominal price, we cater to a select few and deliver quality.

I will be traveling in a few weeks. Should I start the program now or come back and then start?

Now! Learning about our travel strategies and guidelines is one thing. Getting an opportunity to execute the learning's in real time is quite another and highly recommended to set you on track for your future travels (of which we hope there are ample).

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