October 30, 2015

by  Tehzeeb Lalani

In: Healthy eating

Why you should eat Sitaphal this season? Happy reading!

Some people say that Sitaphal is high in fats and sugar and should be avoided by diabetics. But let me use this platform to very clearly state that fruits contain fibre. This would slow down the release of glucose into your blood. Slow glucose release means that insulin can act slowly and steadily as well.   Having sweets and chocolates causes the blood glucose to rise rapidly; not a natural fruit!

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   September 18, 2015

by  ScaleBeyondScale

In: Healthy Habits

12 good reasons for you to follow a diet that is sustainable, sensible and long-term.

A list of some of the positive outcomes one could expect from the following diet:

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   July 10, 2015

by ScaleBeyondScale

In: Delete Eating

Here is what one of our clients have to say:

I am very sure this idea of eating something for keeping someon''s 'Mann' or satisfying the emotions of the elderly in connection with food is a very common concept...eternally faced by the daughter -- in- laws and son-in-laws every time they go to their in-laws. The whole thing starts with one elderly person who will be roaming around with a box of sweets or some over fried unhealthy item and will almost force feed anyone of the way and feel eternally satisfied about his act. Deja vu anyone???

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