July 24, 2015

by  Tehzeeb Lalani

In: Healthy eating

Ate you folate?

I really think I was born to be a Nutritionist. However, very briefly at one point, I dabbled with the idea of being a writer.  I am not a poet by any stretch but below is my ill-fated attempt at poetry which to be honest, I think reads like the script to a terrible infomercial . Here it is anyway: 

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   June18, 2015

by  ScaleBeyondScale

In: Healthy Habits

Chances are..you very closely followed our awesome Facebook series! Here's a summary below:

Strategy #1: Use the statement 'I don't' as opposed to 'I can't.' A recent study revealed that it is more psychologically empowering to believe and state that YOU DON'T do something as opposed to believing and stating that YOU CANT do said thing/consume said meal.

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  May10, 2015

by ScaleBeyondScale

In: Healthy Eating

Health Biz Feature #2

Perhaps you've heard this before but not all fats are bad. Fat has been in the bad press for the last few decades now but before you go fat-shaming again, below are some fun facts about fat: 1.Fat is a nutrient. Yes! Not just a nutrient, but a MACRO-nutrient. This means that the body needs it in a fairly large amount for a host of functions (insulation and cushioning, temperature regulation, protecting your internal organs, transporting your fat-soluble vitamins into body cells amongst other things).

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