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It was really an amazing, life transforming experience to work with Tehzeeb. Being a health professional myself, I have always been very conscious of what I eat. But as is the problem with many of us, we are never happy with what we have or how we are! So that's what she did for me. She not only taught me how to start being a little less harsh on myself but also increased my comfort level with food- can u imagine? Rice( supposedly fattening), and all other such strict no-no's for me are my friends now. I am not only eating a lot more of my favourite foods that I had long stopped ago but also looking and feeling great. Thanks Tehzeeb for all our enlightening talks...and u pushing me into loving and giving myself a break 



A wonderful experience being on the path of living a healthy life. A friendly and positive attitude exhibited by Tehzeeb right from time we set my "Healthy Objectives" - as I call it !!!

A journey that has given me great insight on what's right to eat, what time to eat, what portions to eat, etc .... At every step of the journey Tehzeeb was there to guide and ensure 100% assistance was given at all times - Considering all the trouble I have given her with tons of queriessss  :-) What I liked most was maintaining a Daily Meal Plan/Update which by the end naturally flowed into my daily work-life...   A real help to determine the best diet  for my personal health with meal plan recommendations specific to my lifestyle.

Special thanks to Tehzeeb for not just bringing the healthy change in me, but doing it with a lot of Positivity, Passion and most importantly Trust in the Client !!!

I wish her all the very best and pray many more like me can achieve the impossible with her.




Tehzeeb's Nutrition Programme has helped me to make healthy food choices for myself and my family. Interestingly her food plan never made me feel hungry or being on a perpetual diet. Results started showing in a couple of weeks. Her Programme is easy to follow and could become a part of one's permanent lifestyle. Thank you Tehzeeb for your help. Wish you success in all your endeavours.


Riefat Merchant, Partner-Solicitor

M&M Legal Ventures Advocates & Solicitors



SBS is a blessing n magic wand is with Tehzeeb here... Thanks for guiding me about nutrition n healthy habits for life... Really eat fresh, healthy n nutritional has becum my lifestyle. I enjoy temptations but limit it too with sensible eating.. Weighing scale has lost its place in my house .. I have inculcate a lot from your guidance n will continue to do so... Cheers to ever motivating n warm Tehzeeb... Thanks a tonne!!! Enjoying my healthy habits about food, exercise, positivity n my efforts , thoughts towards my health. Stay blessed!!!



Trapti Sharma

Homemaker, Jaipur