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A big Thank you to Scale Beyond Scale and Manal Hirani for helping me through my food journey. You'll have been a big support and I feel extremely lucky to have taken this life changing path with you'll. Thank you again!




You have helped me to change my habits within my lifestyle (specially as a working mum of 2 gurls). After following your suggestions, I feel energetic happy and confident. Thanks so much for being around. Luv u lots. 



"It was a wonderful experience interacting with Tehzeeb,lots of misconceptions about foods were cleared by her,all quartertly goals set mutually were achieved,she helped us to change our lifestyle and coverted us into healthy eating completely,i never worked out in last 20 years but today thanks to her i work out 5 days a week and i'm totally off junk and outside food. I STRONGLY RECOMMEND HER SHE IS SUPER GOOD."





'Tehzeeb was a turning point in my life,she has come as a blessing,a true guide. Have sailed through a lot of misconceptions,guilt,stress,doubts and the works with her expertise smoothly. She has been patient and has taught me to be a wise water,which i wasn't otherwise . Thanks a lot for making me what i am today'



Fatema Imtiyaz

Homemaker, Mumbai