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Scale Beyond Scale has the most holistic approach to health. Earlier my centre of life used to be weight loss. I never understood the importance of health and a fit life. so i opted for quick fixes and eventually never gained anything. in the process i only lost a lot that is health, fitness, self esteem.... now i look at myself differently. i do not obsess about weight at all. i look at becoming the fittest and the healthiest i have ever been. by doing so i make better choices in food and workouts. it has made me realise that quick fixes are not permanent, everything has to be a life style change. thanks to Tehzeeb i have learnt to recognise that.




Dhruvi Kumar

Singing Teacher, Mumbai 


"The one thing that changed in me for good, after my interactions with Tehzeeb was that I did not want to combat my weight problem anymore. She made me see that I was fighting an effect, rather than targeting the problem. Tehzeeb, in her very non-intrusive way made me realise that my lifestyle needed a change and not my weight. Food until then had been my most enjoyed form of entertainment and it had to be replaced with something else that I enjoyed. I get a sense of well-being with this change and want to acknowledge and thank Tehzeeb for it."





"Tehzeeb is really knowledgeable not only about nutrition, but about the entire human body and the intricate connections between all the systems. She treats from a very holistic standpoint rather than just looking to fix your diet. Her course also helped me to trim down on my migraines. She has given so many resources to help me not only physically, but also emotionally. She is thorough and has the gift of being able to explain things in a way that anyone can understand and she is wonderful with communicating via e-mail too. Her timely feedbacks are appreciable. I did a distance course of 18 weeks through Skype and I found the conversational nature of the sessions to be exceptionally satisfying. I still use her dietary guidelines and I am healthier and more energetic."n




Khushma Kanuga





'Thanks to Manal and SBS' I got a lot of food education and understood what my body's requirements are. The programme gave me increased energy, less mood swings and no binge eating'




Manju Wanwari

Homemaker, Mumbai