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Tehzeeb! well what do i say i think words fall short of the amount of peace and self acceptance this amazing journey of 50 days has led me towards! Thank you :) 
 Her timely mails and re-assurance whenever you felt you needed that extra tip were always right there. I have tried several methods to lose these "Pounds of Pain" quite literally this journey for me has been one of self-love and im glad i found Tehzeeb to be my mentor through it. My results began showing post day 20 but ofcourse i was more compliant than not :) In every sense of the word i am no longer scared of eating pasta and carbs and have begun listening to my body more and not beating myself up incase i enjoyed chocolate (as i willingly earned it by mindfully eating healthy) I wish you a lot of success keep on motivating this amazing lifestyle change. I plan to continue achieving peace through clean eating. All my love.




I am so super happy with the team! They have converted me into a walking n talking food guide! I have become so mindful of what i eat and in what nutritional mix which makes it just perfect for a foodie like me. First time i have come across a nutritionist who actually asks you to eat as per your hunger and not by counting your chapattis.... I now eat well...sleep a bundle of energy...i never starve...i cook better....n lastly even look better! 

  Kruti Joshi Modi

Marketing Professional, Mumbai


SBS has successfully changed my perception about food. It is not just the weight on the scale but your hair, your skin, your confidence and eventually your happiness - I am so satisfied with your work! And it taught me to say no when I have to (when it comes to wrong food choices). Eating right has become a priority not just for me but even my family-including my 7 year old son. Ishaan won't settle for anything processed and packaged and is worried about people who easily choose packaged juices, cereals and energy bars and understands how they all are being fooled. It's been a life changing learning. Thank you for giving him and me a healthy future! 


Gulnaz Somjee Virani

Homemaker, U.A.E 

Well after doing my bit of research on the various dietitian available in the town and trying some of them I zeroed in to Tehzeeb. It's my nature to do fair amount of research before finalizing anything. From my concept it was perfect but then trusting someone with so much money and also your health was little doubtful in mind but i still trusted my guts and decided to go with her... Yes... as they say, your sixth sense never lies... I was right... She is perfect friend on your way to health. Tehzeeb I think you should not call yourself as dietitian but rename yourself as lifestyle consultant with expertise in food nutrition.

She is good in her work, professional in her subject and have attitude which comes as a friend advising you. There are no fancy meal plans in her overall work, it's just based on our old age healthy habits and common sense, which as we all know is not so common. Don't come to her if you want to run a sprint on your body for two months and torture it.. But trust me if marathon of fitness with lifelong health is your aim, do contact her without doubts.