Weekend Wellness Retreat


Weekend Wellness Retreat

Get out for the weekend but instead of coming back feeling lethargic and dull, come back feeling energized and rejuvenated! 

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Offerings include are but not limited to:

     Motivational group counseling

✔   Q&A sessions for query resolution

✔   Engaging discussion groups

✔   Short-term goal setting for the upcoming 2-5 weeks

✔  Outdoor exercising with an acclaimed fitness trainer

           twice a day

✔   Take-home materials

✔   Pre-planned meals





    Lightness and agility

    Newfound knowledge on exercise and nutrition with a

           way forward

✔   Rush of energy with wanting to pursue an exciting, life

          altering path

✔  AHA moments (when myths get busted and questions

         you have spent months pondering upon get answered


Will a meal plan be given out?

No. Within the weekend retreat, we embed an element which involves the counselor sitting down with the entire group and giving basic guidelines on meal planning, overseeing said plans and giving feedback. However, a full-fledged meal plan would be out of scope for this session since meal plans are pragmatic, personalized and created after careful consideration of age, past medical and surgical history, previous diet history, work status, exercise status etc. Giving out a meal plan would also entail that we follow up with you and monitor your compliance rate and tweak the plan as and when mutually deemed appropriate


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Mode of consultation : In person (ScaleBeyondScale Office) , On-line ( Video by Skype, Face Time, Google Hangouts or Audio via Phone call/ Whatsapp call)